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Teachers (Starting with Grade 2)

Register your class to participate in the Letter P.A.L.S. 2013-2014 National Reading Project.


Enroll each of your students by entering his/her name. A Username and Password will be generated for each student.


Each Monthly Series consists of 4-5 letters. New letters will be released every Monday of the month, starting on October 16.


Students login by entering their Username and Password.


To use at home, just print and send home the Parent Notification Letter to inform your students' parents how to login with their child. A Parent Notification Letter has been drafted for you and can be found in your Personal Teacher Administration Area.


For more information, click on the Teachers and 2013-2014 section.


If your child's teacher/classroom is participating in the program, he/she may elect to send home a Parent Notification Letter that explains the program. Students login by entering their Username and Password located on the Parent Notification Letter.


Each Monthly Series consists of 4-5 letters. A new letter for your child will be placed in the Pet Shop Mailbox every Monday.


Click on the Parents, Letter PALS, and Pet Shop Pen Pals sections to learn more.

Click to view sample letter

Reaching, Engaging, and Assisting in the Development of Readers

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