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Summerfest 2009
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Pet Shop Pen Pals - Meet the Pets

       Welcome, learn more about our whole gang!

Mr. Frazzlehead
Mr. Frazzlehead is the owner of the pet shop. Although he seems grumpy, he loves all of his pets. He would really like to enter them in a pet show sometime.
Penelope is Mr. Frazzlehead's assistant. She takes very good care of the pets. She wishes she could adopt them all. Penelope's dream is to become an animal doctor someday.
Max the Dog
Max is very smart, brave, and a born leader. He always watches out for the other pets. Max loves to perform magic tricks, and his favorite food is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
Roxanne the Cat
Roxanne is "purrfect." She loves all types of sports, going on adventures, and especially likes to meet new friends. Her favorite ice cream is tooty fruity.
Benny the Hamster
Benny likes to have fun and play jokes on the other pets. He is really good at making paper airplanes and walking on stilts. He also loves to eat pizza.
Maddie the Guinea Pig
Maddie is very caring and loves to help others. Her best friend is Benny the Hamster. Maddie is the best duck, duck, goose player and likes solving mysteries.
Oliver the Turtle
Oliver is very wise. He taught himself to roller skate so that he could keep up with the others. Oliver's favorite things are building blocks and sidewalk chalk.
Tumbles the Rabbit
Tumbles is very friendly, likes to play board games, and hopscotch. She also loves dressing up and eating gummie bears.
Pamela the Pig
Pamela is "pigtastic!" She loves to exercise and is very determined to show others what she can do. Pamela's dream is to become a ballerina.
Simon the Ferret
Simon is a real daredevil. He loves to dress up and play super hero. He also likes to play hide and seek. Marshmallows are Simon's favorite food.
Ramona the Parrot
Ramona is very smart and loves to read. She can talk in 3 languages and likes telling jokes. Ramona loves to eat french fries.
Ace the Rat
Ace just loves to have a good time. At times, he laughs so hard he can't stop. Ace likes to ride on remote control cars, and his favorite sport is ice hockey.
Francine the Fish
Francine is really strong and acrobatic. She can leap out of her bowl and do flips. She loves blowing bubbles, bedtime stories, and playing musical instruments.
Slick the Lizard
Slick is very cool and slippery. He loves to climb. There is nothing he will not try at least once. His favorite snack is cotton candy.
Sam the Snake
Sam likes to help others and is always there to give them a lift. He loves to color pictures with crayons by using his tail and has even taught himself to ice skate.

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