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Summerfest 2009
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Pet Shop Pen Pals - Welcome Letter

Dear Teachers, Students, and Parents,

Hi, I am Max the Dog. Can you keep a secret? Mr. Frazzlehead, the owner of our pet shop located in the mall, thinks he has a group of ordinary pets. What he doesn't know is that when the store closes, we hop out of our cages and do the same things kids do - everything from playing tag to putting on a talent show.

We also like to read, and we make sure we read every day so we get better at it. Sometimes we even gather at Cool Pets Theatre, and Roxanne the Cat will read aloud to the whole gang. One night after reading, I had an idea. What if we wrote letters to kids and told them all about the cool adventures we go on? We could place them in the Pet Shop mailbox, and kids could come to the pet shop, retrieve them, and read them! That is how we became the Pet Shop Pen Pals. Three of us know how to write: Benny the Hamster, Roxanne the Cat, and me.

But there is more! We added questions to each letter to see if everyone paid attention as they read our story, along with a crossword puzzle and word search for the special 8 red words you will find in each letter. You can earn 8 points for each letter read, and crossword puzzle, and word search completed. Just remember to click on the Readers Are Winners button when you finish each. We have created some cool prizes for you if you earn enough points.

Starting on October 16, 2013, Roxanne, Benny, or I will send a three-page letter every Monday for you to read. Just click on the mailbox in the Pet Shop, and it will take you to your mail area. By working together, everyone can become better readers. PETS WRITE, KIDS READ ... Helping All Achieve!

Your pal,




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