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Summerfest 2009
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Reading Together

Letter P.A.L.S. 2013-2014, featuring the Pet Shop Pen Pals, is a creative way to engage young readers in the reading process and help strengthen their reading skills through practice. The materials are intended to be used in a shared, guided, and/or individual reading environment. This year’s Pet Shop Pen Pals letters are written at a 1.8-2.8 reading level.

However, please recognize that every child reads differently, even children in the same grade. An easy way to see how you and your child should read a Letter P.A.L.S. letter is to have your child read the first page of the letter out loud. Count the number of words he/she has trouble with. If it is only a few (1-5) words, the letter should be read BY your child/student as you listen. If it is 6-10 words, read the letter WITH your child/student and be ready to help with unfamiliar words and phrases. If your child struggles with more than 10 words on the first page, read the letter TO your child/student.

Please choose what you feel is most appropriate for your child/student and enjoy the time spent together learning about the lives of his/her new friends and celebrating the 2013-2014 program!

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