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2013-2014 School Year

Who: Administrators, Principals, Teachers, Schools, Students and Parents
What: The Pet Shop Pen Pals are a special group of pets who love to write letters to students to help them practice their reading skills.
PETS WRITE, KIDS READ ...Helping All Achieve!

Help all elementary school children strengthen their reading skills

When: School Year - October 16, 2013, to April 30, 2014. New letters will arrive every Monday
  • Teachers can sign up anytime during October through April

  • New monthly series every month

  • Students can read past month's letters


7 Months -- 4-5 Letters Per Month -- used for Block Reading/SSR Time,
Before/After School, and/or at Home

About the letters

  • Starting on October 16, 2013, a new online letter will be made available every Monday of each week during October, November, December, January, February, March, and April.

  • Each Pet Shop Pen Pal letter is personalized with the student’s name, is three pages in length, professionally written, beautifully illustrated, and reviewed by reading specialists for age appropriateness.

  • Each letter will also include a "Paws for Reading" page that follows the third page of the letter and includes specific questions and answers for each letter.

  • Once the student has read the letter, answered the questions to make sure that he/she understood the letter, he/she then clicks on the Readers Are Winners button, which will electronically place a red paw print on the classroom chart signaling that he/she read the letter.

  • Students will earn 8 points for reading each letter and answering the "Paws for Reading" questions.


  • To enhance the reading experience and promote the practice of vocabulary and spelling, there are 8 highlighted key words in red within each letter. These key words will be used in a crossword puzzle and word search format.

  • Students are to complete the crossword puzzle and word search sections containing the 8 key words. Students can earn 8 additional points for each crossword puzzle and word search completed.

  • Students can earn a total of 24 points for each letter. 8 points for reading the letter, 8 points for the crossword puzzle, and 8 points for the word search.

What are the points for?

  • As an additional means to motivate the students to read the letters and complete the crossword puzzles and word searches, we have created fun, simple "Classroom Reward Passes" for the teachers to print and place in a box for the students to pick a pass if they earn enough points during the month.

  • Students can earn between 96 and 120 points per month, depending if there are 4 or 5 letters for that given month. When a student reaches 96 points for a given month, a yellow star will light up on the Teacher's Classroom Chart and qualifies them for a Classroom Reward Pass.

Reaching, Engaging, and Assisting in the Development of Readers

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