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Testimonials - School Year Program

Teacher Feedback

  • "I have received lots of positive feedback from parents saying their kids enjoy receiving and reading the letters and answering the questions. As a teacher, I appreciate how easy the program has been for me to implement. Thanks! "

    Kelly, K/1 Teacher

  • "Our second grade team (8teachers) used the letter pals as our curriculum night. As a Title I school we are obligated to do special events with the parents. The parents loved it. The kids look forward to their letters each week. Those that don't have internet at home, read their letters in my classroom. Thanks for the reading opportunities. "

    Patti, Second Grade Teacher

  • "Speaking as a teacher and a parent, I think this is a great program. It is fun and the kids enjoy it. I like the fact that it gives parents specific questions to ask their child. "

    Jill, First Grade Teacher

  • "My class had really enjoyed the letterpals program. I don't have 100% participation, but the feedback from the parents who are doing it is very positive. The students look forward to their letters each week. I think it's a great program. I also think that you could include 3rd graders in the program. We have a buddy class of 3rd graders who think it's very cool! Thanks, "

    Kathy, 1st Grade

  • "I think the program is wonderful for families to get involved in their child's education. It allows parents to be part of the life long lessons of their child's education career, and enjoy it with fun letters from the "Max Crew". Thank you for the opportunity. "

    Michele 2nd Grade

  • "Dear P.A.L.S. staff,
    This is a wonderful program. The reading level is generally appropriate with some challenges and there are enough sight words for additional practice. The kids like Benny so much that I had to breakdown and buy a hamster for the classroom! "

    Sarah, 1st Grade

  • "I have been pleased with the program so far. My students seem to be enjoying it very much! I have had a great response from the parent letter with many indicating they will participate in the program. Keep up the good work!"

    Veronica, Kindergarten

Parent Feedback

  • "This is a great site! My daughter and I love to open her mailbox and read her letters. It is exciting and the stories are just perfect for second graders. Keep up the good work and thanks for making this available FREE to kids and parents. We appreciate it!"

  • "We find these letters very helpful and a great way for our Son to help us read to him and him to us. The comprehension part is really a good way to make sure he does understand the story. He looks forward to receiving his letters and as a family we read them together."

  • "My daughter, Devin has to put a lot of time into reading and sometimes finds it frustrating instead of enjoyable. When she reads the letters she actually smiles and laughs."

  • "This is a fantastic tool for kids! We enjoy reading the story with our son, and the questions at the end are great for retention. It helps him slow down and focus, knowing that there is a quick 'quiz'. Many thanks!"

  • "I think this program is a great idea. It gives more time for my daughter and I to read together. I also think the questions and answers at the end of letter helps me to know if my daughter listened and understood each letter. Thank you."

  • "My son loves the Letter P.A.L.S. letters. He really enjoys getting mail every week, and looks forward to reading about their adventure. This site allows him to see how much fun reading can be, and the questions at the end allow parents a chance to see if they understand what they read in a fun way. He loves to try and guess the riddle at the end of each letter, and the activity sheets are wonderful. This site is a terrific way to let children come to know the joy of reading."

  • "I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you. My son Mark loves your letters and reminds me when it is Tuesday and time for another one. I just love the idea that your letters are interactive. They ask the children questions and get them involved in the story. Again, thank you, it is hard to get boys involved in reading and this just tickles his interest."

  • "My daughter is really enjoying her letters! She looks forward to Tuesday when we can sit with her, and read about another adventure. Thank you for this program!"

  • "This is a great idea! The kids love the stories, and the activity page at the end. As a parent, I like that it's helping them with their reading comprehension."

  • "My 5 year old loves getting these letters! She loves to move the mouse to answer the questions at the end. The letters are the perfect length. Thank You!"

  • "We love Letter P.A.L.S. it is so much fun and easy to do!"

  • "Dear letter pals, I love these personalized letters to my kindergarderner. Not only does he totally enjoy them, but so do my 8-year old and my 3-year old. I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job you all are doing."

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